Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Make My Day" Award Day on Stone Stoop!

Well, how sweet! Liz Dubois just honored me with a "Make My Day Award!" Thanks, Liz! She made MY day, which needed it -- a drizzly day in February when I spent 2 hours in the dentist chair. What a day!

Now I'll pass the honor to these next five folks who always make my day:

First, to Mel Black of Melsplace
She was the gracious hostess of a GREAT author visit I enjoyed yesterday at her school, John B. Cary Elementary School, in Hampton, Virginia.

Elizabeth Dulemba, illustrator extraordinaire, and my favorite go-too gal for all things tech.

Kerry Madden, whose newest book, Jessie's Mountain, was released this week. Jessie is the third installment in Kerry's Maggie Valley trilogy which began with the beautiful, can't-put-down "Gentle's Holler." (At least, I couldn't put it down. Sure wish she didn't too goll-durned far away to sign my copy!) Happy release week, Kerry! She's holding the cutest School Photo contest right now on her blog. I'll dig up an old pigtail photo and send it in. What a cute idea, Kerry! Oh, and I almost forgot to say, you can read my interview with Kerry, when the 2nd book, Louisiana's Song, came out last May. Read it HERE.

I also award my friend Sara Lewis Holmes a "Make My Day" award... just because whenever we get together (all too seldom!), she always does. She has the world's most gorgeous smile. She ain't too shabby a writer, either. Sara is the author of Letters from Rapunzel, a book that I remember in its infancy, which went on to win the the HarperCollins Ursula Nordstrom Fiction Prize!

And last but not least, Joe Kulka always makes my day when he pulls his hunky self away from his workspace and lends his acerbic, and totally-guy wit and wisdom to our critique group. Joe's Wolf's Coming is on FIRE, winning awards and making favorites lists everywhere!

So there is my Make My Day Award list for February 13, 2007. Visit my friends and let them make your day, too!

Kim Norman


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! I've never gotten something like this! Thanks... while my day was better than yours--- it was still busy busy busy! Thanks for making me smile!

Sara said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm smiling right now. :)

It really is too seldom that we see each other. I'll be down for the CNU conference, though.

Stacy Dawn said...

Hi Kim,

Jane Kelly shouted out your blog to me as I'm just getting into the children's writing field.

Your info is very helpful!

Stacy Dawn

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Kim, You're awesome - thanks so much!!
You've been blogged!