Monday, May 26, 2008

Same ol' same ol'... and I DO mean ol'!!

So I'm surfing blogs on my holiday weekend, seeing who's writing what about children's books, and I encounter a list that rankles me. It's posted by an blogger under the heading "Recommended Authors and Illustrators." The final sentence of the recommendation says, "You will also find the names of some new authors and illustrators that I hope to see creating children's books for years to come."

Really! Let's see this list to spot those exciting new authors and illustrators... Okay, here's the list, as presented by this expert:

* Dr. Seuss
* Maurice Sendak
* Berenstain Bears and Their Creators
* Beverly Cleary
* Jerry Pinkney
* Ezra Jack Keats
* Mem Fox
* Bill Peet
* Cynthia Rylant

Hmmm. So, I'm guessing the expert must be referring to "newbie" Cynthia Rylant, who in her mid-50s, is a mere babe on this list of senior citizens, many of whom are no longer with us. Let's look at that list again:

* Dr. Seuss DEAD
* Maurice Sendak -- EIGHTY YEARS OLD
* Berenstain Bears and Their Creators-- DEAD and DEAD
* Beverly Cleary -- NINETY YEARS OLD
* Jerry Pinkney -- nearing 70
* Ezra Jack Keats -- DEAD
* Mem Fox -- 60s, first book published 25 years ago
* Bill Peet DEAD
* Cynthia Rylant -- a mere child at 54 or so; first book published MORE than 25 years ago; longer ago than Mem Fox's first book.

So, no, I take that back. With her first book having gone to press more than a quarter century ago, I'd hardly call Cynthia Rylant an authorial spring chicken, either, although she is decades younger than some of the other authors & illustrators on this list.

Look, I just turned 50 myself, so I CERTAINLY wish all of these folks many more fruitful and creative years. And no doubt their work, these days, is of consistently high quality precisely BECAUSE they are so seasoned.

But sheesh. Where are the new talents on this list? It was published by a popular blog/website which comes up high in any search for info about children's books. Why can't we see some fresh names? Does Maurice Sendak REALLY need the publicity? Is Beverly Cleary even producing new work? (Loved LOVED her books as a child and enjoyed re-reading them to my kids 30 years later, but other good stuff has been written in those intervening decades. Many events in her then-contemporary books now make them period pieces.)

Sour grapes? Probably, a little. But I've got lots of friends who are producing brilliant new work, and I'd like to see THEIR names on the list, too.

On the upside, having passed the 50-year mark only days ago, I'm now feeling positively nubile. Or maybe that should be spelled "newbile."