Monday, August 20, 2012

My creative room -- mostly done!

Here it is!

A few notes:

It also serves as a guestroom, (will happen at MOST once a year), but that's the reason for the old brass bed. My sister made the lovely quilt, but I need to get some decent linens.

Cubbie shelf is also second-hand. Paid about 20 bucks. It was unfinished when I bought it. Looked like it had been knocked together by a handyman who needed to store some tools. Baskets came from the dollar store, a buck-apiece. They fit perfectly!

You can get a better view and explanation of the twig valance by clicking here on an earlier post.

Frame was FREE. I think it came with our house and has been in the attic for 20 years. Dreadful old painting (print) came out. (Maybe I'll repurpose THAT, too.) I hot-glued the frame with bunches of stuff that are all about me: old earrings, a belt I wore in a show, items from late loved ones. Inside the frame I've displayed some old books I enjoyed reading to my kids when they were little. (The books were old when I bought them 2nd hand.)

 This is a pin that belonged to my late grandmother. (The back of the pin is broken.) My grandmother had carefully written the names of the stones on a note inside the box. I thought that was so sweet that the whole thing deserved to be saved. The rick rack is also hers as well as the skeleton keys. The cuff link was my grandfather's.

I removed the closet door and replaced it with an easy-to-move curtain. Fabric came from my  grandmother's sewing closet. Used the same fabric to strategically cover the chair, which I got for 10 dollars at the thrift store.
 This was a coffee table I bought for 5 bucks years ago, for my son to put his gaming TV on. Now the hole for the missing drawer (which was always missing) is perfect for storing poster boards. The squares are heavy tiles that lift out. I painted the backs, in case I change my mind and want to go back to their original color, which was faux stone in neutral tones.

I bought cool old purses and hung them as extra storage. One is holding a clamp light with a broken clamp.
 The vase holds 50-year-old yardsticks, among other things. ("See the NEW '62 CHEVROLET!" Ha!) I bought the vase 2nd-hand and painted it to match the room. Luckily, it was a rough textured ceramic that took the paint well.
 And, of course, old suitcases are also serving as storage. The bottom one was my mother-in-law's in the 40s, and the one in the middle (with the white handle) was my mother's in the 50s.
"Yarn bombed" the old office chair (given to me by a friend) with yarn and rick-rack that belonged to my late grandmother. I like the old wood of the chair and didn't want to paint it.

And that's IT!... well, except for those linens, and maybe a scatter rug to cover a colorful spot on the rug that looks like it may have been greasy Halloween makeup. (This was my son's childhood room.)

Now here's to great creativity in my new creative room!

Kim Norman