Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Y'all come!

I'll be signing books (free books!!) at the Sterling Publishing booth at ALA's (American Library Association) conference in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, June 27th, at 10am. If you're going to the conference, stop by to say hi!

Check out the cute poster Sterling created to display the schedule. Crocodaddy is happy to help publicize the event!

Kim Norman

JACK OF ALL TAILS, Dutton, 2007
THE CROCODADDY, Sterling, May 2009
(now also available as a Scholastic paperback selection)
TEN ON THE SLED, Sterling, 2010
ALL KINDS OF KITTENS, Sterling, 2010
A WORLD OF WHALES, Sterling, 2011

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Croc on CD. So cute!

My editor sent me sample versions of my new Crocodaddy Scholastic paperbacks. Very nice job. They look good. She also sent a handful of read-along CDs that Scholastic had created. They're adorable! The guy doing the reading (an actor named Marc Thompson) does a good job with pacing and rhythm. They added sound effects and music, which really do enhance the story. I am very proud to see my name on these new versions of my book.

Kim Norman

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thank you, Courtland Elementary!

What a fun author visit I had yesterday at Courtland Elementary School in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Thank you a thousand times over to Tammy Jones, who coordinated the visit. Also a big thank you to Mrs. Steele, the principal, who was a good sport about manning the cute new Crocodaddy puppet I bought in Florida last month. I was delighted to learn that the students knew every word of "The Storytime Boogie," so another thank you to Mrs. Lipscomb for taking the time to teach it to the students before I arrived. And of course, an extra big thank you to the PTO for making the event possible. God bless them. What would we do without our school PTOs?

And now, most charming of all, a collection of thank you notes from 2nd graders, some of whom got to hold up some of the colored papers I use when we do a read-aloud of I KNOW A WEE PIGGY WHO WALLOWED IN BROWN. (Still 2 years away from publication.)

I wish I'd had time to scan them all, but here is a sampling. I love how accurately some of them drew my "Crocodaddy-colored" green suit... all the way down to my green sandals! Thank YOU, Courtland students, for making me feel so welcome!

I love that this student used artistic license and added a green bow to my hair. Maybe I need to add that to my outfit!

The above is a reference to my "Evil Inner Editors" who say ugly things inside my head when I'm struggling with a first draft. Kids really seem to get the concept, especially since I pair the sayings with funny, distorted images of myself saying things like "What makes you think YOU can write a book?"

Kim Norman