Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Four on a sled!

Lots of snow around here in southeastern Virginia. Deeper than my 17-year-old son has seen in his whole life.

The best sledding hill in this flat little tidewater town is right behind our house (lucky us!) so I went out with the super-sized Scholastic paperback of Ten on the Sled and found a quartet of good-natured models to pose with the book. So thank you to Kathryn, Emily, Marnie and Ev for being such good sports. And thanks to their moms and dads, too!

Happy sledding!

Kim Norman

ps: I think the super-sized Scholastic paperback (as well as regular-sized Scholastic paperback & an audio CD) are only available thru Scholastic Canada right now. I haven't seen it yet on the Scholastic US site -- but I could be wrong about that. The Sterling hardback is available... well... "everywhere books are sold" as the advertisements always say.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warmest wishes to all!

Pretty! A sideways Christmas Tree!

Well, isn't that a pretty shape? Kind of like a sideways Christmas tree.

Since we're nearing the end of 2010, I decided to check my website's stats on, which I've been using to track the site's visitors for over 3 years. (2007 is much lower because I started tracking partway thru the year.) I check it not infrequently for daily totals, but don't think to check yearly stats very often.

I'm pleased that I did. Here's a screen shot. I like the shape of this graph. Up up and away! (I blanked out my actual numbers. Hey, I'm not sharing EVERYTHING on this blog!) But the basic upward march is nice. Probably explains the spike in author school visit inquiries this year, although not entirely, since inquiries have more than doubled.

Merry half Christmas tree to you!

Kim Norman

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Front page!

I've been crossing my fingers that my new baby would make it to the front page animated "crawl" on Barnes & Noble. We finally made it. Yay! (See screen grab.) And we're sandwiched between some pretty big names, too. Hubby cocked an eyebrow when I when I showed him. The images had reshuffled and my "neighbor" had changed from President Obama to President Bush. LOL!

Kim Norman