Friday, July 06, 2007

A gift from a dream

For the first time that I recall, I came up with a story idea in a dream last night. In my dream, I watched this little boy singing a song that sounded like a nice premise for a picture book. I even began scribbling the idea down in my dream -- with the usual plot twists and interruptions. Does everybody dream like that, with lots of obstacles in the way of their intentions, or is it just my cluttered life that makes me dream that way?

Within the dream, as I wrote down the story idea, I suddenly thought, "Wait a minute. What if that was a real, copyrighted song he was singing?" Because when I first heard him, I was sure it was original. You know, one of those tuneless, chant-like songs children sing when they're busy doing something else. But as I wrote down the idea, I began to worry maybe he was just tone deaf.

Before I had a chance to finish writing down the idea, I woke up coughing. Makes me wonder: was that a real cough, or my body trying to wake me to write down the dream? Of course, I always have allergies, but no cold or cold "remnants" right now. Curious.

And then, of course, out for my morning walk to think about it. Snapped a few photos along the way, including one of my favorite subject, that old farmhouse which is bound for doom with developers encroaching. Sigh.


PaMdora said...

Hi Kim, this happend to me -- I dreamed a picture book, woke up and wrote it down. (didn't cough though) That's exactly why I recently signed up for the yahoo group that I just saw your post on and how I found your blog.

I think it's hilarious that kids call you kimnorman because my friends used to call me pamagawa, which is sort of the same phenomena (sp?).

Anyway, I've got to figure out how to get my book written and published, but I'm thinking about illustrating it with my quilts. Thanks for the funny picture.

Kim Bookwriter said...

Thanks for visiting, Pam. I love books illustrated with quilting. I also like collage. Someday I may try illustrating something in collage myself, but for now time will only allow the writing.

Pamdora's Box was the name of a lovely little bookstore that used to be in our town. Owned by a woman named Pam, obviously. Unfortunately, it went out of business around the time I sold my 1st book, so I could never have a signing there. Too bad it's so hard for independents to stay in business these days!