Saturday, July 14, 2007

Announcing "The Kimmy Awards!"

Okay, I'll admit I'm not handing out any awards... yet. It just seemed like a good, short name to buy for my podcast.

And today we have a new song!! Your editors are going to love this one. A dialog between a harried editor and a pushy newbie writer. Listen to my newest song, You won't accept "no!" here:


Sara said...

Hey, Kim! I want to link to you and your song over at my blog tomorrow. Okay?

Kim Bookwriter said...

Sure Sara! Please do!

Howz your summer been, by the way? Feelin' famous yet?


Sara said...

Um, not famous, but totally glad to be here, at this place in my life. You?

Kim Bookwriter said...

Also not famous. Haha! Although I've noticed a strange phenomenon among children who have heard me speak. I've spoken at 2 out of 4 of the elementary schools in the county. When I see those kids later, (say, in the store), they call me "kimnorman," like it's all one word, you know? "Hi, Kimnorman!" "Hey, aren't you Kimnorman?"

One kid, who goes to my church and already KNEW me as Mrs. Norman, saw me in the Dollar Store, (where you can find ALL the most famous authors) and said, "Hi Kimnorman. Hey Mom! It's Kimnorman!" She was highly impressed -- since we were neighbors for years. LOL!