Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Front page!

I've been crossing my fingers that my new baby would make it to the front page animated "crawl" on Barnes & Noble. We finally made it. Yay! (See screen grab.) And we're sandwiched between some pretty big names, too. Hubby cocked an eyebrow when I when I showed him. The images had reshuffled and my "neighbor" had changed from President Obama to President Bush. LOL!

Kim Norman


Library Mom said...

Most awesome opossum! Love it... do so want to get with you again-- but life keeps getting in the way. Have a marvelous holiday season!


Kim Bookwriter said...

Hey Mel! I'd love to reconnect, too. As you say, life races on; hard to keep up! Hope you're looking forward to a relaxing winter break.

Shelli Cornelison said...

So very cool! TEN ON THE SLED is an absolutely adorable book. Love seeing it take off.

Kim Bookwriter said...

Thanks, Shelli! And to think... you knew it when it was only 2 or 3 on a sled!



Shelli Cornelison said...

And I'm extremely honored to have known this fantastic book when the sled still had so many open seats! By the way, my great-niece loved it when she opened her copy this weekend. Wish I could've gotten a pic of her with her copy but it was too close to nap time. She had no interest in posing for pics but her mom and dad were immensely impressed that I actually "know" the author and got it signed for her. Thanks for making me a hit at Christmas!

Kim Bookwriter said...

Oh how sweet! I'd love to have peeked in on your family gathering, like Scrooge secretly watching his nephew's Christmas party. Gee, that seems a little creepy of me, now that I read it again. Haha!