Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writing in the Pool

Hey, call me crazy. I love writing outside, but it's 98 degrees today. Don't fret; my laptop is dry. It's on the deck BESIDE me. Ahh. What a great way to make a living.


Becky Hall said...

I love it Kim. But I have to admit, a computer even on the edge of the pool makes me nervous.

It'll be close to 100 in Salt Lake City today- and we do not have a pool. I want to jump in beside you there.

Kim Bookwriter said...

I was pretty careful. Even set it up on a little wire platform made from an up-ended "drawer" from a wire "chest of drawers."

Whew, 100 degrees. We had some of that a few weeks ago. This is why I am NOT a fan of summer and always look forward to fall. Keep cool, Becky!