Friday, February 26, 2010

It's not polite to insult bears

Darn these crummy bifocals. Yesterday I thought I read the following headline: 

"Cruel winter's latest 

insults bears downeast" 

Then I read it again: 
"Cruel winter's latest insult bears down on East" 

Well thank goodness. I'd hate to think some rude "latest" is going around insulting bears in Maine. 

It gave me such a grin that I have been inspired to "limerize" the following poem:

by Kim Norman 

The bulletin caused me to frown, 
and my brain wondered, "Black bears? or brown?" 
Then I found my opaque, 
Ursa Major mistake 
was confusing a verb for a noun. 



Kathy said...

I like these types of "mistakes". How fun for you to turn it around to your advantage. I have the same problem with my eyes - I'll have to take inspiration from you and make it fun!

Kim Bookwriter said...

Hi Kathy. Seems like I do that more and more often, but the mistakes can be pretty funny. I guess next will be mishearing things!

"Dr. Fred" Bortz said...

As an inveterate limerician (see this book review, for example) I give you an A+ for rhyme, rhythm, and final-line oomph.

And for your readers' pleasure, consider this possibility: a story about Smokey developing a stutter headlined "This Bears Repeating."

Limericiously yours,
"Dr. Fred" Bortz

Kim Bookwriter said...

Tee hee! You are a such a card, Fred! And I take as high praise an A+ from the limerick king. Thank you!