Sunday, June 07, 2009

Barnes & Noble display

I had a book signing at a nearby Barnes and Noble yesterday. My thanks to Samantha Bass, the kind and efficient community relations manager who arranged the visit along with the Sterling publicity department. Some of my friends and writing colleagues took the time to stop by, which I REALLY appreciated, and I even saw one friend whom I hadn't seen in ages (she's still gorgeous!) who just happened to be in the store. I love serendipitous meetings like that.

To quote P. D. Eastman: "Do you like my hat?" (photo below.) I thought it seemed appropriate for reading about the brave young Crocodaddy hunter. It's an old pith helmet that belonged to my late father-in-law. I also wore my FAB lime green "crocodile shoes." Too bad you can't see them in the picture, so I've pasted them in separately.

I signed all the remaining stock which they set up on a nice display at the entrance to the children's section labeled "local favorites." (above.) They also placed some near the front door, I think, under Father's Day suggestions. It was nice feeling like a mini-celebrity for a day.

Crocodaddy seems to be doing well. Aside from that fabulous blog book tour on Kidzbookbuzz, it was also written up in the San Francisco Chronicle last weekend in a list of suggested Father's Day books. I got the happy news from the Sterling publicity dept that it appeared not only online, but in the PAPER paper, as well. Yay! Here's the online article: (CLICK HERE.)

A funny aside: Samantha also asked me to bring Jack of All Tails, (my first book which came out in 2007), in case any customers wanted that. (It's been remaindered by Penguin so I possess most of the remaining stock.) I did a couple of readings of Crocodaddy during the signing, and also read Jack once. I had brought balloons which I had set out for children to take. I displayed the balloons in that "biting" croc head toy I found at the 2nd hand store years ago. (Still works! Although I mostly leave it turned off because when it's turned on -- light activated, I think -- it tries to "bite" you when you put your hand in its mouth. Might be too scary for little ones, although elementary school aged boys LOVE it.)

Anyway, a little girl was playing with a balloon while I read Jack. Just as I got to the line, "passing gas during commercials," she happened to let go of the balloon which flew off with a perfectly-timed blatting noise. So funny!

I'm enjoying my "Croco-summer of '09." My first book was so sadly invisible that it's nice to see Crocodaddy bask in the sun, at least for a while.

Kim Norman


Unknown said...

I love the crocodile! Sounds like you had a fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, my friend!

btw...Sterling publicists are twittering about Crocodaddy today. :)

Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

"perfectly-timed blatting noise" --- hahahhahahahhahaha
Brilliant, Kim. :)

kathy said...

Love the story of the little girl letting go of the balloon at the right moment. (laughing) Congratulations dear friend - I'm so happy for you. The link on the right about a jack of all tails family blog is broken. I'm trying to find the activity guide that goes with that book

kathy said...

Kim, go see what I did and make sure everything works on the group main page - I'm going to take a picture of my book because I want a larger pic on the groups page - the one on Amazon is small.