Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After the curtain falls...

So, in case you've ever wondered what amateur thespians do with their time after a show closes...

We just wrapped up our fall production of LI'L ABNER. I was in the cast as a sweet young thing a couple of decades ago, but decided to sit this one out, while my son enjoyed some stage time instead. I did paint the set, though, as well as creating a big statue of "Jubilation T. Cornpone."

So naturally, yesterday I pull into my driveway after running errands and what do I find decorating my mailbox garden? Well, the photo above will illustrate. Those theater pranksters!

After enjoying a good laugh, my son and I printed up a sign (right), which we tacked to the side, put the statue on a borrowed dolly and rolled it up the street to the house of another cast member, where we removed the dolly wheels. Hey, transporting it to its next spot is HIS problem. (big wicked grin)

The one with the church in the background is my yard; the blue house is the next victim.

And finally, after all these years of painting flats that were lost to the world as soon as the next show was mounted, (with no photos to record the work), this time I took my digital camera and photographed the flats. I've uploaded the "Dogpatch" flat below, which is 32 feet wide, so I had to photograph it in 3 shots, then photoshop them together.

For Dogpatch, I went for as cartoony an effect as I could manage. These flats are 12 feet tall. The head of a 6 foot tall man comes to about the bottom of that little gray house in the middle. So for more than half the square footage, I had to paint from a hydraulic lift to reach above my puny 6 foot reach. Thank goodness for that new hydraulic lift. I don't think my knees could have stood that honking big ladder the theater used to own -- not to mention that moving the darned thing was like dragging around a dead giraffe. I got pretty good at steering & parking that lift in tight quarters near the paint room.


Anonymous said...


I can't believe you painted something so huge! Nice work, lady. Sandy

Unknown said...

Ah thanks, Sandy! I paint with 4 and 8 inch rollers as much as possible. I've gotten pretty good at it. I can even contour things with those rollers, like shading the edges of things.


Anonymous said...

LOL! You all are a hoot! What a sight - seeing you and your son heaving that thing up the street!
Wow! Kim, love the painting job - great work - it really goes so well with the theme. I'm out of town for a week but had to stop and visit my favorite author. ;)

Kim Bookwriter said...

I hope you're having a nice family holiday weekend, Kathy. Travel safely!


Anonymous said...

You can take me and my two left feet to a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance anytime.

Just keep Joe Btspflk away.

Dr. Fred, a Li'l Abner Fan as a young-un

Anonymous said...


I can totally picture you doing this. :)

Anonymous said...


I wanted to pop in here and let you know I'm thinking of you. As you know, it is the busiest time of year for every one and I'm hard to catch. I'm preparing for the science class for tomorrow and then decorating all weekend - next will be pulling out all my recipes. I have decided to give up teaching the science class in the New Year as it is a bit of a drive and a lot of work to put together due to the budget. Hopefully, I'll be more active with my online buddies.

Have a great Day!

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

That's hilarious!!

jerry said...

hi...I am looking for a statue of Cornpone, or at least a good color photo of one that I could frame. Do you have a good close up photo of your statue? tx, Jerry

Kim Bookwriter said...

Hi Jerry,
Yes, I think I have close-ups. I can also tell you how I did it. Visit my website where you'll find lots of links to email me directly.