Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Elements

Couldn't help bragging about my son, who -- with a little bribing -- memorized the period table of elements, sung along with the the hilarious Tom Lehrer song... which is, of course, originally a Gilbert & Sullivan song.

If the picture quality is too bad, (and you'll really miss out if you don't see his dancing eyebrows keeping time to the music!), hop on over to YouTube and view it by clicking here.


Mayra Calvani said...

Nice website! You book looks very cute!

Kim Bookwriter said...

Thank you, Mayra! I'm very proud of it!


Chelle said...

How funny! I looked up your site from the lapbooking group. Your new book looks really cute. What age group is it for? I have 5 year olds.

Kim Bookwriter said...

Hi Chelle,
Nice to "meet" you! (What a pretty way to spell your name; is it pronounced like "shell" or "shelly?" I'm fascinated by names. Have baby name books all around the house and no babies around in over a decade!)

Five year olds would love my book -- I hope! It's very funny, especially so thanks to David Clark's brilliant illustrations.

If you decide to buy the book, have your kids visit the blog of my fictional main character, Kristi. I've created a blog for her where she occasionally posts pet videos, including a video of my dog Anna fetching the paper. Anna is "famous!" She's mentioned as our dog-with-a-job on the jacket of my book. The blog is at