Saturday, November 08, 2008

Singing Author Visit

I enjoyed a terrific visit to Coventry Elementary in Yorktown, VA, last week. What a great school! Here's a video of the kids singing along with my "Storytime Boogie." I love it when they know the song in advance. (I always send a CD in advance of my visit.) But even if they don't know it, they're still bouncing and bobbing to the music in no time.

In this video, it's cute the way all the heads are swaying to the lullaby at the beginning of the song, then start bopping when the music speeds up.

This is a song I wrote a few years ago with a different title and lyrics. But when I started doing school visits, I rewrote it as "The Storytime Boogie," a song which encourages bedtime reading. I also created a music video of the song which you can view on YouTube, HERE. And, of course, you can visit my website by clicking my name below.

"Storytime Boogie" ©2006 by Kim Norman


Kathy said...

Fabulous, Kim! Loved this - thank you so much for sharing this. What type of software do you need for uploading video on blogs?

Kim said...

I ran it thru my Mac iMovie program, which condensed it enough to upload. Then the blog has an icon you click to upload a movie. Easy peezy!


Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

This is adorable, to see the song in real-time with an audience. Congratulations! What a coup.

Kim said...

Oh thanks Ruth! I was amazed you can hear it as well as you can since it was recorded with a simple camera at the back of the room.


Kim said...

p.s. -- don't you just love all those little bobbing heads?