Saturday, November 22, 2008

Only another week to win free books!

With the book giveaway concluding at the end of this month (Nov 08) I think it's a good idea to give the contest one more plug. Honest, folks, it looks as though not that many folks are entered in the contest yet, (not the thousands I'd hoped), but what's bad for me (not being famous -- boo hoo!) is good for you -- because it increases your odds of winning!

But there's not much time left, so the Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time for teachers to take a few minutes to enter. See details in the repost below:

Hi all,
I'm excited to share information about a book giveaway I'm involved with through TheApple, an educator's website. The contest runs thru the entire month of November, 2008. The winner must be a teacher or homeschooler, so FORWARD THIS LINK TO ALL THE TEACHERS YOU KNOW!

Here's official blurb from TheApple:
TheApple is proud to host a book contest with author Kim Norman. Come on over to TheApple to learn about "The Perfect Author Visit," then take a little quiz for a chance to win 35 autographed copies of her book, JACK OF ALL TAILS. Click HERE for info on how to participate.

(Kim Norman popping into the official blurb to let you know I have never received even the tiniest bit of spam as a result of registering on the site many months ago.)

TheApple is a community by and for educators. Registration is free! TheApple offers a huge library of resources written by educators on how to manage a class, work with parents, teach special needs, and utilize technology to name a few. Browse lesson plans, news, videos, career quizzes or join a group.


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