Monday, March 31, 2008

Thanks, Kevin!

I'm so proud to share this fabulous drawing Kevin O'Malley did for me! Long story, but the short version is, I bought an extra copy of GIMME CRACKED CORN & I WILL SHARE, a book he had dedicated to me. (I had helped with the title.) Scheduling complications kept him from being able to autograph it at the Va. State Reading Assoc. conference, so -- LUCKY ME! -- he did a drawing for me instead. How cool is that?!

I'm terrible about getting around to framing things, so I'm resolved to do that before it gets dusty, which happens with most of our family photos.

Kim Norman

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e said...

What a great giftie!!

Btw, TAG you're it!! I've tagged you for a fun game which you can read about here:

ChatRabbit said...

Ha! Have you been tagged for the same game TWICE??

That means it's time to DO it- haha! Liz