Sunday, March 02, 2008

Author school visits listed STATE BY STATE!

I've created a new website as a resource for educators, entitled Author School Visits BY STATE! There is no charge to be listed on the site, and I don't handle any bookings but my own. I'm just trying to offer a wide variety of authors & illustrators for educators to find in their own regions.

If you're an educator who has hired a great author or illustrator you don't see on my list, please email me and I'll add them under the state in which they reside.

kimnorman (insert @ sign)

Likewise, if you're a traditionally-published author or illustrator who does school visits, I'd like to add you to my list as well. (By traditionally-published, I'm not referring exclusively to large, New York publishers, or even ones that pay much in the way of advances, necessarily. I'm talking about regular royalties-paying publishers, no matter how small, who ask not a penny of their authors.)

I'd also appreciate a reciprocal link from the authors & illustrators who are listed, although that's not absolutely essential. The more websites & blogs that link to Author School Visits BY STATE, the higher its rankings will be, so it can do any of us some good!

Happy visiting!



Andy J Smith illustration said...

I am writing on your blog because an email I sent to your charter address was bounced back to me. I found you through the Picture Book Artists Association list serve.

ANYWAY, I'm interested in doing more school visits in my area. I'd love to be listed on your blog. I'm an illustrator (five books) and author (one book
and counting!) in Ipswich, MA.

My website is:
And my blog:

Thanks for your time. Good luck with all your writing in '08 -- I'm going
to keep my eyes open for 'Jack Of All Tails'!

-Andy J Smith
phone: (585) 613 - 6247

Marc Tyler Nobleman, Author of "Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman" said...


Very generous of you to take on this task and devote real estate on your blog for it. Thanks so much.

Kakie said...
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Dalia said...

Good for people to know.