Friday, February 06, 2009

Play my 5W writing card game!

Today I was reminded of a card game I created years ago as writing prompts for my two sons. It took some digging through files from my old Mac, but I found and updated them today.

It's not really a game so much as a collection of 80 illustrated cards which act as writing prompts -- a tweak of the old WHO-WHAT-WHERE-WHEN-WHY rules. I've substituted "with what" (with what object) for "why," to introduce some concrete props to help add layers to the stories.

I created 11 sheets total in PDF format. I also included one sheet of blank cards, in case anyone is inspired to write/drawn their own.

If you're looking for boy-friendly writing prompts, these may prove helpful. My sons were the prime age when Pokemon cards were king. They couldn't get enough of cards in all forms. We also created some cool mythology cards which I may dig up sometime, too.

If you're interested in downloading the cards, (it's a free download), CLICK HERE.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

These are FABULOUS, Kim!!!

And I just noticed that you've given us a free download - what a sweetheart you are!!!


Hope things are well with you . . .

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these.

Thanks for the download, you awesome person, you. :)