Monday, November 05, 2007


Well, it's that time of year again, a time I always look forward to... and not just because the temperatures are lower. (Although that's a big part of it!)

It's also the time I can spend hours day dreaming, thinking up new plots, while I harvest pecans. We've got a good crop this year. See...?

In case you're wondering, that long-handled gizmo is a tool many of us have in the south for picking up pecans while sparing our backs.


ChatRabbit said...

Is that thing for picking them off the tree, or off the ground? Reminds me of our apple picker, but with a basket, I guess!
I wish we had hundreds of pecans!
I'll be happy to not see another apple until next fall!

Kim Bookwriter said...

Good question, Liz. It's for picking them off the ground. You plop it down on top of the pecan; the springy wires separate, popping the pecan up into the cavity, then you move to the next one. Sometimes it gets a little tangled and they start to fall out, but if all goes well, you can pick up a dozen or more before you dump the whole thing into the bucket and start again. It was dangerous around here last week. We didn't get any rain from Hurrican Noel but lots of wind. Don't stand under pecan trees in a hurricane unless you're wearing a sturdy hat!

ChatRabbit said...

"Don't stand under pecan trees in a hurricane unless you're wearing a sturdy hat!"

I have never heard this particular proverb, but I love it!