Saturday, September 01, 2007


Played Martha Stewart for a while on vacation. Picked apples from my grandfather's old apple trees, planted over 50 years ago, and made two batches of applesauce. (The first batch, more virtuous with cinnamon & Splenda, and the second with plain old sugar.)

Gathered the apples in this grand old picnic basket of my grandmother's. Knocked off the cobwebs and removed the little shelf inside which was obviously an innovation to allow for "non-squashed" sandwich transport.

Apples were a popular theme during this vacation. I discovered these old cookbooks on my grandmother's shelves by "Mrs. Appleyard." They're a hoot. More like novels than cookbooks, written by a woman named Louise Andrews Kent in the 40s & early 50s. Mrs. Appleyard is an invention with her crisp New England matron's attitude and speech patterns. Often very funny. The funniest part was that my 13-year-old son decided the books were funny, too, so he began to read them aloud to me, only, instead of trying to sound like, say, Julia Child, he read them in his deep "movie announcer voice." Either way, it was a pleasant way to pass the time while I peeled apples. Nice to get him away from the video games and spend time with his old mom.

I made enough to bring home a batch to his older brother who had stayed home to work.


Anonymous said...

Where in Maine were you?
Did you meet up with any of our great writers?
I'm not so great, but I'd loved to have met up with you and perhaps told a few other writers I know. This is a looonnnngggg state and we're spread out, but get together sometimes to meet up with "friends" when they're "in town"

Kim Bookwriter said...

I was in Lovell, near Fryeburg. That's where my mom's family is from. I spoke at the Lovell library that week. The librarian did an amazing job of publicizing the event. She ran a press release in 3 area papers, with picture, no less! When I spoke at the library in my own town, I had to put in the press release myself! Well, okay, I do work at the paper, but still!! Haha!