Saturday, August 25, 2007

Now how's THAT for a room with a view?

This is the window where I sat earlier this month, at my grandparents' old farmhouse in Maine, working on a revision. Who wouldn't be inspired by this? (Although this is sunset and I mostly wrote in the early mornings looking over misty fields.) Was even visited by a flock of wild turkeys one day. They came around the side of the house, stopped to snack around the oak tree stump, then ambled up the road.

And then there's the "feelin' famous" part: having my name show up in big bold letters on the public library sign in Lovell, Maine. What a great group of folks! Made me feel so welcome!

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Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

WOW, Kim - that picture is absolutely gorgeous!!! What a view! I probably wouldn't get any work done at all. I'd be too busy daydreaming and kicking back.
Cool library sign, too! Hope your reading went great!