Friday, April 27, 2007

Okay, so now I'm REALLY ready!

I've had this blog for over 6 months and only now am finding time to learn my way around! And what better way to celebrate my new blog than to post a picture of the great dinner I enjoyed with my friend and fellow author, Toni Buzzeo, (on the left). We enjoyed dinner recently at a seafood restaurant overlooking the James River. Great atmosphere and great conversation! Oh, to have Toni's thick, dark curls which look even better after 2 hours in a humid river breeze. As the sun set over the river, we toasted our online writer friends everywhere.


"e" said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kim!

karen lee said...

Dang it Kim, if you'd a told me I would have joined you. What's a little five hour drive for a river view, a refreshing cocktail (or two), and some no-doubt fabulous chat.


Kim Bookwriter said...

And you would have been welcome, too, Karen! Thanks for stopping by my shiny new (recently dusted-off) blog!


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Oh, Wow, Kim, we are twins! Isn't that funny? Actually, darling, it's only a matter of "great minds think alike." Don't you agree? (affected British accent here.)
Enjoy the blogosphere community, it's a total time drain, but fun, too!

Kim Bookwriter said...

Hi Kimberley!
Yup, great minds whose favorite color is green. (At least mine is. My kids get so sick of my obsession with green.)

Thanks for stoppin' by!


ChatRabbit said...

Go Kimmy! Go Kimmy!
Get your blog on!
Now keep posting!

Sandra Alonzo said...

Hey, Kim: Very nice! I like your 'bloggoname' or whatever it is, too---Stone Soup. You're definitely ready!